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History of Society:

After make a society with some identical members namely Khatra Town Welfare Society Reg. No-S/1L/96505 or SO196505 of 2012-13 under WB Societies Reg. act 1961 as on 26th Sept. 2012 & also registered in NGO Darpan, Govt. of India, No: WB/2017/0162513 is a Non Profit Organization. Arrange various social work like blood donation camp, eye camp, child labour camp etc. and we feel that our sub-division effected low infrastructure in the field of healthy education and training schools & colleges. Our area is specially Maoist affected area. So we feel that there is necessity to build up mass education among the people and for that purpose we arrange money from sound people, our own family members & our society members as donation to build up fund for the society.

           Now we feel happy to do the work for our societies in our locality.



a.    To import Quality Education by providing the best infrastructure combined with innovative pedagogy for an all-round development of individuals
b.    To run academic programmes from nursery to post-graduate level in the city so as to provide an individual with an avenue for being professionally and globally competent.
c.    To run Teachers’ Training College (B.Ed & D.El.Ed), so as to provide excellent & professional trainee teacher to the society.
d.    To run Skill Training Centre for self employment to the unemployed youth.
e.    To harness leadership potential in students and provide a platform for the same.
f.    To be a centre for learning and technological awareness in the city of Khatra.
g.    Devolve Tribal Community & their culture.


“To develop world class institutions for holistic development of individuals involving Academic excellence , professional competence , human values and societal skills to empower them to become leaders capable of facing future challenges and guiding the society”.

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